• Image of The Resignators - Party Dates - limited edition 7"

1. Party Dates
2. My Pal (GOD cover)

limited edition 7" vinyl single, full colour sleeve.

The Resignators give you 5 chords and the truth... This is based on a true story, boy meets girl after a wild youth having 'Party Dates' with his mates.

As all good boy girl stories the boy becomes smitten, this time with a gal 'from the emerald isle' he meets whilst on a Party Date and follows her to Ireland and brings her back to the sun of Australia, marries her and they begin their story together in the small hamlet of Hepburn in Victoria, Australia's central highlands.

The story's been told a thousand time before, but not like this, Steve's aggressive guitar combined with Stacy's haunting keys, Alejandro's hard hitting drums and a horn section playing like a battalion in an army waiting to attack combined with Francis telling the story through impassioned lyrics at a break neck speed, show the harder edged side of The Resignators whilst maintaining all the fun .

The second track on this recording is where The Resignators pay homage to seminal Melbourne band GOD who’s track My Pal, originally recorded in 1988, is considered an iconic track by many critics.

The Resignators take the tracks haunting guitar line and replace it with it’s own fire brand horn section pumping out the lick followed by a dub breakdown before returning to the rock essence and ‘that’ horn line.

Totally made by, and coming to, a mosh pit near you... make sure you make it to The Resignators next Party Date